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The company works in the field of manufacturing and forming self-adhesive insulators in the form of strips and special shapes, according to the nature of the product and the customer's requirements
There are specialized departments working with thought and imagination befitting the level of our customers.

Specialized in the manufacture of insulators with the following materials and shapes:

  • Adhesive foam sealants of all sizes and densities

  • EVA Adhesive Tapes

  • Polyethylene foam adhesive tapes (all sizes)

  • EPDM adhesive tapes

  • Armaflex adhesive tapes of all thicknesses, widths and all adhesive materials

  • Plastic strapping tapes (PP) all sizes

  • EVA adhesive circles for auto glass

العوازل (16).jpg

We have the ability to study any idea with the client and provide a small sample to the client in order to approve it before implementation.


Feeding the following companies:

  • Refrigerators, deep freezers and cooling pipes factories

  • Washing machines factories

  • Heater factories

  • All electrical appliances factories

  • Automotive factories

  • Small cargo shipping boxes factories

  • Electrical panels factories

  • Bottles sealable caps factories

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